• Course Offered : B.Ed, Duration : 2 years
    Qualifcation for admission : B.A, B.Sc., B.Com, M.A, M.Sc, M.Com

Library :-
It contains 15,000 volumes of Books, Magazines, and peridocials with the sq. ft of 1200.
Biology Lab :-  
With various Models, Charts, Real Objects, Spotters, Slides, Simple and Light Microscopes etc.
Physical Science Lab :-  
With various instruments, Chemicals, Glass wares, Measures, Scales etc.
Lecture Halls, Auditorium :-  
Fully furnished common lecture halls, optional lecture halls and auditorium etc.
Psychology Lab :-  
This lab contains many psychological tests with more than 100 Questionnaires & manuals.
Computer Lab :-  
Computer Lab contains more than sufficient systems with Internet and Intranet facilities.
Sports & Games :-  
Fully equipped Indoor & Outdoor Games and sports materials etc.
Media Lab :-  
This Lab contains sufficient CDs, Film Projector, Slide Projector, LCD Projector, OHP Projector, VCD Deck, Manual Camera, Digital Camera, Tape Recorder, T.V., Cassettes, Encyclopedia in CD, Thesaurus in CD, Britannica in CD, Encarta-CD, USB pen drive etc.
Language Lab :-  
Lab with Multilingual phone, Amplifier, Mike, Tape Recorder 20 etc. to facilitate to understand the English language.
Academic Activities :-  
. Qualified & experienced principals heading the institutions with qualified staff to fulfill all the academic needs.
. Provided seminars arranged by experts in the specific fields
Other Activities :-
. Social service camps arranged in outdoor to emphasis the extra curricular activities
. Educational tours arranged for every year
. Community services made successfully by awareness rally (Environmental awareness)

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